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What is a level 2 Electrician?

A level 2 Electrician is classified as a tradesperson that specialises in electrical wiring. Live electricity can be dangerous that is why it is extremely important to call in a professional to help when electrical problems arise.

A level 2 Electrician is qualified and authorised to provide extensive installation for all electrical needs such as maintenance to overhead and underground electrical services for residential, commercial sites, data and cable lines. They will have undergone specific training and hold a licence to carry out different jobs. You will need a Level 2 Electrician if you are planning to:

  • Connect or disconnect your home, business or any other property to or from the main electricity network.
  • Any maintenance or repair issues associated with overhead or underground electricity whether at home or for a business.
  • Electricity upgrades or meter installations.
  • Any live wiring issues.
image describes a Level 2 Electrician

What is the difference between a Level 1 and a Level 2 Electrician?

The key differences between a Level 1 and a Level 2 Electrician are that a level 2 Electrician is qualified to perform broader and more complex electrical tasks. However, at level 1 an electrician can only provide basic electrical tasks.

A Level 2 electrician will also be required to undergo more training, work experience and, further studying to build their knowledge and skills.

Let’s explore What are the qualifications needed to operate as a Level 2 electrician?

What does a Level 2 Electrician do?

The tasks for a Level 2 electrician consist of numerous and a broad range of electrical services such as:

  • Disconnection and reconnection of an electrical network (If you need to stop or connect the power supply to your building for upgrades or repairs, you may need this service)
  • Underground and overhead service lines (The repairing or connecting of cables above the ground that are used to move electric power from one place to another or the cables below the ground that are used to move electric power from one place to another)
  • Perform metering equipment tasks such as: (Installation and repairing of any device that measures how much electricity is used by a home or business)
  • Live wiring (The repairing, installation or testing to see if the wires are live)
  • Repairs and maintenance such as: (Outlets and switches that don’t work, breakers that trip this happens when there is a surge, hums, flickering or buzzes from lights)
  • Power upgrades (Connecting to an electricity company or installation of a new electrical supply)
  • Cable repairs (Installation, testing, repairs, and upgrades)
  • Installation of electrical systems such as: (Electrical wiring, apparatus, equipment for light, heat, power, and other purposes)


What are the qualifications needed to operate as a Level 2 electrician?

There is a high level of knowledge and training to become a level 2 electrician. Being an industry that requires a lot attention and careful handling there are certain skills and training associated with this occupation.

The qualifications are as follows:

  • Complete a Certificate III in Electrotechnology. This is a TAFE course which will teach individuals about the electrical trade.
  • At least 12 months of experience in an apprenticeship working alongside a trained electrician.
  • Evidence that the person has completed all the relevant work experience and course requirements as an electrician.

Why hire a Level 2 electrician?

With the appropriate study, work experience and training you can be certain and rest assured that a level 2 electrician will be competent to provide the best electrical service to all your electrical needs. As mentioned previously they will have undergone extensive practice in electrotechnology to equip themselves with the appropriate skills needed for this type of occupation.

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Frequently Asked Level 2 Electrician Questions

What is level 2 electrical work?

Level 2 electrical work is a task that needs to be done in order to connect homes and buildings to the network owned by energy providers like Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy. This work is called contestable or service work.


What is an ASP?

An ASP is an Accredited Service Provider. This is someone who can provide electricity to your home or business. Before 1995, only network operators could provide this service. The Electricity Supply Act 1995 gave people the choice to use the energy provider’s service or an ASP’s service. Since then, ASPs have helped take some of the workload off of network operators.


When do I need a level 2 ASP?

You will need a level 2 ASP if you need more power for things like appliances and equipment or if your property has been damaged and is unsafe.


What is a Level 2A Electrician?

A level 2A electrician disconnects and reconnects service lines at the point of attachment.

This is when you disconnect and reconnect electrical service lines that supply power to a building.


What is a Level 2B Electrician?                                                         

A level 2B Electrician works on the wires that run underground.


What is a Level 2C Electrician?

Level 2C Electricians focus on working with overhead service conductors and power lines.


What is a Level 2D Electrician?                                                             

At this level, the electricians focus on working with network service equipment such as service protection devices and fuses.

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