Image presents 3 Phase Power

3 Phase Power

$50 OFF
Image presents Antenna Installation

Antenna Installation

fr. $185
Image presents Blown fuse repair

Blown Fuses

$50 OFF
Image presents Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling Fan Installation

FREE Remote with every Install
image presents Chandelier Lighting

Chandelier Lighting

$50 OFF
image describes Commercial Electrical Services

Commercial Electrical Services

Image describes Data Cabling

Data Cabling

Image presents Dimmer Lighting

Dimmer Lighting

$50 OFF
Image presents Electric Cooktop Installation

Electric Cooktop Installation

$50 OFF
Image presents Electric Hot Water Installation

Electric Hot Water Installation

$200 OFF New Sytems
Image presents Electric Hot Water Repairs

Electric Hot Water Repairs

$200 OFF New Systerms
Image presents Electric Hot Water Replacement

Electric Hot Water Replacement

$200 OFF New Systems
Image presents Electric Hot Water Systems

Electric Hot Water Systems

$200 Off New Systems
Image presents Electric Oven Installation

Electric Oven Installation

$50 OFF
Image presents Electric Zip Heater Installation

Electric Zip Heater Installation

$200 OFF New Systems
Image presents Electrician Safety Inspections

Electrician Safety Inspections

FREE 25 point Inspection
Image describes Emergency And Exit Lighting

Emergency And Exit Lighting

$110 OFF
Image presents Emergency electrician

Emergency Electrician

$110 OFF
Image presents Exhaust Fan Installation

Exhaust Fan Installation

50% Discount on Labour Time
Image presents Faulty Wiring

Faulty Wiring

$50 OFF
Image presents Flickering Lights

Flickering Lights

$50 OFF
Image presents Downlighting

LED Downlighting

fr. $55
Image presents LED Lighting

LED Lighting

image describes a Level 2 Electrician

Level 2 Electrician

Image presents Light Switch Repairs

Light Switch Repairs

$50 OFF
Image presents Lighting Rewiring

Lighting Rewiring

15% OFF
Image presents Lighting Switch Installation

Lighting Switch Installation

Get $50 OFF
Image presents Lightning Strikes

Lightning Strikes

$50 OFF
Image presents Loss Of Power

Loss Of Power

$50 OFF
Image presents Microwave Installations

Microwave Installations

$50 OFF
Image presents Modern lighting switches

Modern Lighting Switches

Get $50 OFF
Image presents Outdoor lighting

Outdoor Lighting

$50 OFF
Image presents Power Surges

Power Surges

$50 OFF
Image presents Powerpoint Installation

Powerpoint Installation

fr. $155
Image presents Powerpoint Repairs

Powerpoint Repairs

fr. $79
Image presents Residential Electrical Services

Residential Electrical Services

Image decribes Rewiring Services

Rewiring Services

$50 OFF
Image presents Safety Switch installation

Safety Switch Installation

$50 OFF
Image describes Security Alarm Systems

Security Alarm Systems

Image presents Sensor Lighting

Sensor Lighting

Image presents Smoke Alarm Installation And Replacement

Smoke Alarm Installation And Replacement

fr. $135
Image describes Switchboard Installation

Switchboard Installation

Image describes Switchboard Repairs

Switchboard Repairs

$99 OFF
image presents switchboard upgrades

Switchboard Upgrades

$150 OFF