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A fuse is located in a circuit as a safety measure and is assumed to blow if the conditions against which it is to guard are violated. They convey current up to a value that the fuse is rated for. When the current exceeds the rating, the fuse element will melt or fuse, and the device will become an open circuit and interrupt the current. Commonly, there are two reasons for quickly blowing the fuse. The first one is that there may be a short circuit or unusual conditions due to some failure which might be causing the circuit to draw profoundly on the system in excess of the nominal value rated for the circuit. The second is because some circuits are designed to be protected by a slow blow fuse and this can be difficult if one replaces it with a fast blow fuse. Under certain circumstances, a circuit may have a trigger to delay the power cut-off until several modules are operated into the rest position and command a slow blow fuse to cater for that. For this,  must still be replaced with the command of the same kind for functional operation of the circuit and to have the desired effect

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