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A dimmer is a control that allows the force of the light by controlling the amount of current the bulb collects. Dimmers are utilized to progressively increase or decrease the amount of light given by a specific light. Lower current will result in softer and weaker light while higher current will cause brighter and stronger light.

Dimmers are particularly suited for most rooms and spaces. Even in areas where task lighting is imperative, a dimmer control gives you the option to reduce the amount of light when 100% of the light output is not required. You can install dimmers in your dining room (you can dim the lights when you want to have a romantic dinner with your partner or enjoy a relaxing time with your family), bathroom (you can enjoy a nice relaxing bath), and your bedroom (dimmer helps create a relaxing environment and you can dim the lights as soon as bedtime approaches and set the right mood for you to sleep). Not only are dimmers work well for creating a nice, warm ambiance, they can also decrease energy usage drastically if turned down.

Installing a dimmer is safer if done by an electrician. Any Do-It-Yourself work presents safety risks, particularly electrical projects. Before you even consider messing around with live electricity, keep in mind that electricity can be extremely dangerous.  If you are not experienced working with home electrical systems, you are strongly advised to hire a professional electrician to avoid any casualties.

At Electrability, we recommend that you call us for a dimmer installation. Our team of fully licensed electricians will provide you a superior dimmer installation service. We understand how these fixtures work and know the dimmer installation process like the back of our hand.

Get in touch with us now at Electrability for a dimmer installation services and any other electrical services

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