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Emergency and Exit Lighting: Safety and Compliance for Your Business

When it comes to emergency and exit lighting, ensuring safety and compliance for your business is crucial. Hence, Australian businesses must prioritise the installation and maintenance of these systems to meet regulatory standards.

These systems provide essential illumination during power outages or emergencies, guiding occupants to safety. Compliance with local regulations is necessary to avoid penalties and ensure the safety of employees and customers alike.

All in all, by investing in reliable solutions, businesses can protect lives, reduce the risk of accidents, and demonstrate their commitment to safety.

Image presents Emergency and Exit Lighting: Ensuring Safety and Compliance for Your Business
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Looking for the Best Exit Sign for Your Safety Needs?

Image presents Looking for the Best Exit Sign for Your Safety Needs?

When it comes to emergency and exit lighting, Electrability has you covered.

Our high-quality exit signs can provide clear and visible guidance in the event of a loss of power. Moreover, with our reliable emergency lights, you can trust that your building will have adequate illumination to navigate safely during an emergency.

Don’t compromise on safety – choose Electrability for your exit sign and emergency light requirements.

Types of Tasks Performed When Doing Emergency And Exit Lighting Services

  • Installation
  • Maintenance and Inspection
  • Repair and Troubleshooting
  • Upgrades and Retrofitting
  • Battery Replacement
  • Emergency Lighting Design
  • Compliance and Certification
  • Emergency Lighting System Expansion
  • Emergency Lighting Training
  • Emergency Response

Frequently Asked Questions

Electrability provides a range of services for lighting, such as installation, inspection, testing, and maintenance. Moreover, we offer customised lighting systems, conduct inspections for proper functioning, perform testing during emergencies, and provide maintenance to ensure reliable lighting systems.

They should be inspected and tested regularly to ensure they work during emergencies. Furthermore, monthly visual inspections and an annual full-function test are recommended to ensure occupant safety. Hence, following the manufacturer’s instructions and local regulations is important.

Electrability provides compliant and reliable lighting services.

In addition, their products meet safety standards and codes, and they use advanced technology. Also, regular maintenance checks are conducted to stay updated with regulations.

Electrability is able to install for residential and commercial properties. Furthermore, they have the necessary expertise and knowledge to meet safety standards and regulations for these types of lighting installations.

Electrability offers high-quality products that meet industry standards. Hence, they provide customised solutions based on each customer’s unique lighting needs and ensure compliance with regulations. Plus, Electrability offers expert installation, ongoing maintenance, and excellent customer support.


Ensure safety in emergencies with proper maintenance and care of lighting systems.